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Our Audiences

Life & Leisure

NZ Life & Leisure Readers

NZ Life & Leisure readers are highly engaged. They spend much more time with our magazine compared to the magazine reading population
NZ Average time spent reading Magazines – 43.5 minutes
Life & Leisure Average time spent reading – 51.8 Minutes


• 35% of readers have a household income of $100,000+


• 28% of readers live in Auckland


• 72% of readers have investments, 20% of whom have investments of $200,000 or more

• 75% own their own home with 37% mortgage free

• 39% are likely to buy a car in the next 12 months


• 68.5% of readers enjoy drinking wine, 25% have had at least one glass of red wine in the past week, 31% white wine and 12% sparkling wine.

• 34% travelled overseas in the last year

• 40% are planning to travel overseas next year

• 70% are planning a holiday in NZ this year


• Health is a priority, with 64% believing that a healthy diet and exercise are essential

• 56% avoid foods that are unhealthy


• 75% of NZ Life & Leisure readers have bought products reviewed and recommended as a result of seeing it in a magazine.

• 80% have visited a website to find out more about a product as a result of seeing that product in a magazine.

Source: Nielsen CMI Q1 2015 – Q4 2015

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Lifestyle Block

Readership 75,000 (3% increase)
Circulation 10,024 (3% increase)
Frequency Monthly

Source: Nielsen CMI Q1 2015 – Q4 2015
NZ Audit Bureau of Circulation, ANC, December 2015


70% have purchased a product as a result of seeing an advertisement in magazines

76% of readers say that they would seriously consider buying something after

72% of readers would buy a product reviewed & recommended in magazines seeing it in magazines

41% of readers have incomes over $80,000

31% are mortgage free homeowners, 28.4% have savings or investments over $100,000 and 20.1% over $200,000

53.3% have visited an agricultural show or local markets in the past year

53% have pets in their household

53% are the main household shoppers

In the past month, 37,000 readers have visited a garden centre and 46,000 have visited a hardware or building supplies store

45% are planning home improvements in the next 12 months

Source: Nielsen CMI Q1 – Q4 2015

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Sarah White
Advertising Manager,
DDI 09 222 0403,
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NZ Lifestyle Block Testimonials

“Any owner of a small block or farm who fails to have a subscription is missing out on a valuable resource.”

– David Dransfield, Hawkes Bay

“I’m really enjoying my subscription to NZ Lifestyle Block, so much more to your magazine than just articles about chickens!”

– Sue Wilson, Glenhope

“I missed the March edition due to my subscription finishing/starting with Flybuys so that I couldn’t wait for the next one, and I must say it worth the wait. Thank you for your efforts, it was a great read, especially the article about the amazing school up north. How exciting it is to see practical learning at its best.”

– Tracey Musson, Bombay

NZ Life & Leisure Testimonials

“I love magazines and paper, and often rip out pages to use the headlines, words, and pictures. In my mind, paper is created to be loved and used, and my NZ Life & Leisure magazine gets a good workout! I use pictures, headlines, and words in my scrap-booking, and if I think of someone as I am reading, I tear that article out and post it to them. My issues become torn and ragged items, and that gives me a wonderful sense of achievement and joy. Thank you for the high-quality content of both articles and advertisements. I love the magazine.”

– Alison Campbell, Katikati

“My daughter shouted me a subscription to NZ Life & Leisure for my birthday in November, so I eagerly awaited the first issue to arrive which it did just before Christmas. As it was Christmas Eve, I thumbed through it oh so quickly intending to relax with a glass of wine and enjoy it later. However with family descending and prep for the big day taking over the quiet time with my new “mag” went on the back burner. “Oh,” said my daughter “I haven’t read that’ and swoop it disappeared to the bedroom. On departure day the comment was made “I haven’t finished reading it yet mum can I take it home and return it later?” So off my new mag went to Napier. Two weeks later when I travelled to Napier to housesit for her, I finally got to enjoy my new well-read copy of NZ Life & Leisure. And what a joy it was full of interesting stories and articles, recipes and information. I shall look forward to the following issues but won’t be so forthcoming in advertising the fact until I have read each issue from cover to cover and then, and only then, am I willing to share this lovely magazine with anyone.”

– Carol Eales, Te Kuiti