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NZ Lifestyle Block Ad Rates

From lifestyle blocks to small farms, home gardens to small commercial growers, NZ Lifestyle Block is the monthly magazine that will inform lifestyle block owners.The magazine explores small farms around New Zealand, and is packed full of practical information on everything from organic gardening to pest control, orchard care to cheesemaking. Plus, there is Sue Clarke’s monthly column on chicken health – she’s the author of How to Care for Your Poultry – and everything else you need to know about running a block for business or pleasure.

The magazine’s emphasis on sustainable farming and growing management systems attracts an increasing number of organic readers, conservationists and lifestyle farmers. NZ Lifestyle Block readers have a strong connection with their environment, their community, and the land they live on.

Readership overview

70% have purchased a product as a result of seeing an advertisement in magazines

76% of readers say that they would seriously consider buying something after seeing it in magazines

72% of readers would buy a product reviewed & recommended in magazines

Readership 75,000 (3% increase)
Circulation 10,024 (3% increase)
Frequency Monthly
Source: Nielsen CMI Q1 2015 – Q4 2015

Advertising Rates
 Colour Casual3x6x
Double Page Spread (DPS) $4,032$3,920$3,725
Full Page$2,016$1,960$1,863
Half Page $1,345$1,288$1,128
Third Page$840$800$756
Quarter Page$728$688$660
Sixth Page$420$403$380
Eighth $250$250$214

Special positions 10%
All costs exclude GST and are $NZD. Refer to terms and conditions on the last page.
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Village Green directory
Pricing Table


Half Page $500
Quarter Page $290
Eighth Page $145
Sixteenth Page $72



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This is a cost effective solution for advertisers to get further information about their brand/product into the hands of our highly engaged audiences.

• We can provide media insertion cost quotes to target our full print run, subscribers only or by region.

• Inserts can be bound or loose.

• Specific quantities change by issue, depending upon events, subscription drives and retail promotions.

• A quote will be provided base on insert type, page count, weight and quantity – ask us for a quote.

For specific insert specifications please contact:

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