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New Zealand Life & Leisure Ad Rates

In the ten years since NZ Life & Leisure was first published, we’ve featured people who realized long-held dreams to start their own businesses, farmers who acknowledged the need to diversify when times were hard, growers and producers who saw gaps in the market and filled them, families which stuck together to maintain cherished lifestyles… none of them afraid to seize the day. These are stories about real people, their struggles as well as their successes, which give NZ Life & Leisure an authenticity that is as recognizably Kiwi as a silver fern.

NZ Life & Leisure Ad Packages

Ad packages can be created for you in a variety of ways. Consider premium advertising placements alongside product mention in any showcase features to help reinforce the brand, or showcase a new feature of yours. Also possible is advertising in both our magazine and the online component or E-Newsletter. Positions are also available in our Essentials directory advertising.


Basic insert options range from Loose Single or Multiple Leaf to Bound Inserts, both Single and Multiple Leaf, and Hand Tip-Ons. Contact the NZ Life & Leisure Ad Manager, Kelly Gillbanks, 0276 888 915,  for other options that we can help customise to the clients need.

Readership overview

New Zealand Life & Leisure readers are highly engaged. They spend much more time with our magazine compared to the magazine reading population
NZ Average time spent reading Magazines – 43.5 minutes.
Life & Leisure Average time spent reading – 51.8 Minutes

Circulation 33,691
Readership 137,000
Frequency Bi-Monthly


Advertising Rates

Casual Rate Discount for multiple insertions by negotiation

Inside Front Cover $13,000

Outside Back Cover $7,500

Full Page $6,000

Half Page $3,200

Third Page $2,200

Special Positions +15%

3/8 Page (144mmx133mm)$2,250$2,100$1,950
1/4 Page$1,500$1,400$1,300
1/8 Page$750$700$650
1/16 Page$375$350$325
Marketing Opportunities
Subscription offers

In each issue, a double page spread features a subscription offer enticing readers to subscribe via an added value prize, product offer or a discounted price. Opportunities exist for advertising clients if they wish to utilise these pages to giveaway products


Retail is a key component of our marketing efforts, enticing the consumer to purchase our magazine at the multiple magazine outlets available. Often additional value will feature on the magazine as a cover mount or a tip-on which is an item of value bagged, or glued onto a header card inserted into the magazine. Significant reader prizes are often displayed on ‘book marks’ which are inserted into each magazine which provides additional reader benefit. This activity is promoted in store with vibrant point of sale and displays which encourages sales of the magazine and provides a fantastic opportunity for an advertiser to leverage this activity and associate their brand with the magazine.


A recent addition to the NZ Life & Leisure repertoire is national Reader Events. This brings together inspirational New Zealanders to share their tales of their Number 8 wire success with our NZ Life & Leisure readers across New Zealand. Opportunities exist to sponsor these innovative breakfasts and lunches and associate your brands with this progressive magazine.


Magazines can be inserted with client catalogues, brochures, samples, custom printed inserts and gatefolds.

This is a cost effective solution for advertisers to get further information about their brand/product into the hands of our highly engaged audiences.

  • We can provide media insertion cost quotes to target our full print run, subscribers only or by region
  • Inserts can be bound or loose.
  • A quote will be provided base on insert type, page count, weight and quantity – ask your Fairfax sales rep for a quote

For specific insert specifications please contact: Lynley Belton:

Inserts supplied to: Webstar, 114 Swanson Road, Henderson.

For advertising enquiries contact:

Kelly Gillbanks, M: 0276 888 915, DDI: 09 222 0400,